X-claim: oh yeah

Affirmations confirm exclamatory enthusiasms. Oh Yeah! (Can i get a Baby?)

I mean, take “Christmas Oh Yeah” from Barenaked Ladies. Fun soft pop that really gets into the neighborhood spirit.

Orville Grant gets a little nasty with “Ooh Yea.” This misspelled Christmas greeting reaches for hip hop hope.

Watered down R+B from Les Taylor, “Oh Yeah It’s Christmas” dance-parties the feeling where i suspect religion = sex.

Hey it’s freakin’ Christmas begins “Christmas! Oh Yeah!” By Atticus & the Candy Crew. Then the hectic experimental rock devolves.

[Quick weird detour: “Yo It’s Christmas” is actually kidrap about oh yeah.]

With the power of rock Oh! can become Uh! in All My Mind’s “Merry Christmas! Oh Yeah!” (One paltry yeah was detected in the analysis of this song.)

FactNotFiction can barely beat that tambourine in their laconic alt “Christmas in July, Oh Yeah.” Echoes of psychedelia save it, though.

Philosophically, Steve Drewett gets britpop with his life story in “It’s Christmas Time! (Oh Yeah, NaNaNa).” (Many additional yeahs were detected in the scansion of these lines.)

Jared & Aaron get tuneless with their raggedy ragtime “Oh Yeah! Christmas.” Childish foolishness just how i like.

Toots and the Maytals get more sacred with their reggae “Oh, Yeah.” The sincerity rattles your teeth.