X-claim: goodbye

Time to close out our interjection tour of holiday tunes. So long!

Lay was kind enough to submit an English version of his hit “Goodbye Christmas.” Heartbroken soulful pop.

Very high notes from Manuel Seal Jr. (feat. Morgan Reilly) also feels alone in the pop world. “Goodbye Christmas” is too cold for the R+B infusion.

More sadness from 5 Alarm with “Goodbye on Christmas Eve.” R+B says why you gotta do me that way?!

Whispery begging begins Gaurav Behl’s “Christmas Goodbye.” Then continues its experimental pop. Probably ends that way. I didn’t wait.

Merry Christmas and Goodbye” is blues rock of some serious talent from Los Goutos. Way to stand up to the breakup.

Put out, Derek Ariel Austin spins a yarn in “Goodbye Christmas” a folk ballad of leaving. A well done bummer.

Getting specific, “Goodbye Christmas Cookie” shakes, rattles, and rolls with love and loss. Holy moley, hats off to Armanwing.

Getting religious, Cowboy Jukebox wishes “Christmas Goodbye” but holds on to God. Tinkly country.

Getting personal, the bluesy rock of “Goodbye Psychotic Christmas” from My Son the Bum tells a story.

Procrastinating, Ohio City Singers roll polka into pop with “Haven’t Said Goodbye to Christmas.” Call it post present blues.

Jimmy Rankin flips the script with passable Elvis-style soul in “Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye to Christmas Yet.” Country maudlin.