Damn That Holiday: Hell.7

OKXO is racing ennui against malaise with the upbeat “Hell of a Christmas.” You don’t really care If the world ends tomorrow he maintains, so forget the whole thing. Huh, kids today.

Joe Dolezal swings pop around the world. They seem to have Christmas every where. Then he belts out “Do They Have Christmas in Hell?” Check with Trip Advisor.

Could it get any worse? Ask Two-Ton Santa! The paperboy hanged his cat! To learn more meanness check out “Merry Christmas From Hell.” Unplugged lite rock.

The Ultimate Boon” is The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra’s cutie-pie spinout of frustrations and desperations for the holidays. And Jan. 12… and Mar. 22…. guess it’s interminable. –oh no, the title is more sinister than we thought.