Damn That Holiday: Satan.9

Greedy greedy kiddos may as well be “Sitting on Satan’s Lap.” Smee delivers again with peppy pop. Boy, that list goes on and on. How does The Evil One have the patience to listen to all that?

Mortuary claims I am Satan in the slow rap “Halloween on Christmas.” Inclusivity can go too far.

Merry Christmas Satan” from Night Smoker is more of his greetings to you than sucking up to his forked tongue. Short hard metal rock.

Terry Silva picks at a sore i’ve been worried about. If JC’s appearance opened the way for forgiveness from grievous sin, what’s to stop an enterprising young no nogudnik from transgressing (as in BLUE ALERT: Worship Satan’s cock), then seeking forgiveness again and again. “Christmas Songs” may not settle that quandary, but the would is flowing freely now thanks to his subtle pop.