Damn That Holiday: devil.7

Perhaps it’s but geography, but “The Devil’s Bones (A Deserter’s Christmas)” has spooky musical saw noises. Ratatosk makes this horror warning out of an Old World waltz.

Grant Raymond Barrett tinkles the ivories with jelly roll blues for the classy/silly “The Devil Takes a Holiday.” Too good to let the leap bother me.

U.S. Christmas garbles the hillbilly country “Devil’s Flower in Mother Winter,” but it’s clear this is a dark worry and a frigid fear.

Das Blankout croons the folk “A Devil’s Christmas” with a grudge. It’s about breakup. Grumble grumble grumble.

Damn That Holiday: devil.6

Helen McCookerybook la-la-la-las a dialogue between the devil and Santa. “The Devil’s Christmas Stocking” is kidsong/folk about hope but stops half-way through. Maybe next year.

Justin Brown Durand rattles off some weird childish poetry to electronica about “Christmas in the Devil’s Desert.” Like with Dante, that’s a cold place. Don’t try this at home.

Two Little Devils” refers to naughty ones at Christmas. King Truelove and the Relics import just enough rockabilly to make me believe.

MX-80 spent “Christmas with the Devil” and they have a few revelations to share with you about that. Spoken rhymes over experimental music. Wild stuff.

Damn That Holiday: devil.4

Gotholic (ft. Anno Domini Nation) imagines a different Nativity in which The devil watches His mother in pain Waiting to devour. “Christmas Eternal” is Christmas music with gargling metal.

So, Hallowe’en is “The Devil’s Christmas.” Yet Gurf Hankle’s lively dirge pop make a celebratory point. Everything is Bones; everything is Blood; everything is Death! Party on!

The 2nd Christmas” negates the devil’s power, according to the plonking piano club blues of Kam Stewart. Then the congregation joins in….

Harvey Darkside galumphs “The Devil’s Christmas” like a silly devil. He forgot to hang a Christian on the tree! Jug band fun!

Damn That Holiday: devil.3

Darius Rucker smoothly wonders “What God Wants for Christmas.” Well, God IS everything… but the devil given up could be one of those wishes. Pop soul.

Wolf Devil unleashes the ultimate wingman when they metal croak “(Party with) The Christmas Devil.” It’s tinkly!

Schizoid Lloyd proudly presents the metal “Christmas Devil.” Born of whores, with horns, he recommends to poke it with a stick.

Damn That Holiday: devil.2

Dancing with devils and making angels in the snow are The Night Hobs with the heavily orchestrated “Waltz of the Gingerbread Goblins.” More music than lyrics, more dance than sing.

Santa’s Angry Elves metal out when they warn you that “Frosty’s the Devil.” It’s the nose, innit?

The devil’s in the details when Slow Smile alt-rocks “A Pink Badger for Christmas.” That’s a lot of party music for details.

Damn That Holiday: devil.1

Devils at Advent, awkward or no biggie?

Again, we understand that with the passing of Hallowe’en: No more witches flying brooms, no devils eating flames; All I see when I look up is 12 reindeer with Santa’s sleigh. So rocks Twilight Creeps with “Poison in the Mistletoe.”

Pastor Ned leads Canned Panda through “Devil Went to the North Pole.” Yeah, it’s Charlie Daniels karaoke twisted up for Something Awful.

The Ornaments of Bowling Green dramatize “The Devil’s Nativity” wherein ol’ Nick (not that one, the other one) visits The First Christmas. With goth-y folk it becomes clear, he’s not impressed.

Damn That Holiday: devil.0

Demons may be minions to The Devil, but we allow for devils as upper management given how taken we are with all things underworld.

The Cupheads Show offers a pretty cool devil. Luke Millington-Drake showtunes prettily in “A Very Devil Christmas Song” from the special holiday episode. See, the goodness of the season motivates a do-badder to lower lows.

Spinal Tap might be well known for their gothic hair metal irony “Christmas with the Devil.” Yes, that’s Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, and Christopher Guest. Clap if you believe.

Cellus Hamilton (ft. Isaiah Jenkins) reminds us Devil hated Christmas, showed up, Devil’s like Grinch: Try to steal the Christmas on us in his dropped bars and busted rhymes “Up All Night.”

Sufjan Steven’s muddles up reality once again for the mightily metaphoric “Lonely Man of Winter.” Among other things, this enigma is riding in the devil’s abyss. Cool indie.

Damn That Holiday: demons.1

Demons, figuratively, are the tormentors in our life whether internal or ex.

Christmas Days” by Armin van Buuren goes soaring indie with the mixed metaphor: demons of the past. They haunt, the interfere–they’re just ghosts.

I Don’t Wanna Go Home for Christmas” is Zoe Imperium’s indie floater about fighting demons in my head. The solution, don’t face the fear!

Allen Mask (feat. Dave Rosser, Lev Wilson & Carlina) has trouble with crazy womens. In “Maybe Then” he raps Is this just Merry Christmas For them demons in you? or will you listen to reason.

BLUE ALERT macexface raps about elf massacre and Santa horrors, inviting Boys and girls come out and see The demons that come out christmas eve. “I Don’t Wanna die on Christmas Eve” is a deal with the inner devil.

Mike Larson and Allison Iraheta sea shanty a yarn ’bout a little demon who gets all hepped up for a Christmas celebration in “Tinsel & Brimstone.” He LOVES Father Christmas, the wayward soul.

Damn That Holiday: demons.0

Ran out of month for the mythical figures, so we’ll sweep the Anti-Christmas stuff into its own month. Time for The Devil and Hell and all that infernal stuff what reigns the other 364. Does it touch unto us at the High Holy Day?


Krampus, y’know we just met him, is also known as The “Goat Demon” according to Hex’s frolicsome rap.

More generically, T-Error Machinez explains through the metal “The Legend Of Christmas Demon” what Krampus is reduced to. BLUE ALERT

Ragnarok’s “The Norse Winter Demon” is the real deal. Heavy metal cinches it.

The easiest demon reference is the mixup during ‘the holidays’ of Hallowe’en and Xmas: So while the other kids dress as demons on Halloween; I hide behind my closet screen a display of red and green, R+Bs Chris Nicolosi in “Snowman’s Day.” That’s progress.