Christmas Countdown: 25 [love]

Not big on pop country, but gotta kudos the talent of Amanda Shires (bit of a Dolly warble that gets me). “Blame it on the Mistletoe” is a different song by a familiar name. More thoughtfulness, this time: So what it happened yesterday, December 25? We can call it what it is, What it was, the best merry Christmas,  When you showed up.

Not a digger of rap, neither, but BLV Jeezy gets playful (and a bit BLUE ALERT) with “Woo Santa.” New Xmas phone: I’m sorry is this Santa on the line It’s the 25th december and you blessed me with this dime y’all. Santa hollas back, too.

Nesskaff (feat. Jonathan Panetta) garage the day with “I Just Want You for Christmas.” Not breaking new ground, but never underestimate the power of a killer backbeat.

Claiming you’re Crunchy like a biscuit, Cullan Baxter R+B raps “Candy Sweet Christmas” all ’bout you, honey. The double entendres fly like reindeer.

Sassy R+B (disco-ish) from Weihnachtsmusik, “Santa Tell Me” details a gal’s hankering for a a guy. Will he love for always? Should I wait a year? I don’t want a new broken heart.

Scotty Sires has got the rom-com grand gesture in “25 Christmas Trees.” It’s a bombast of a pop nugget, but it gets points for being a count of anything else but days.

Emily Weisband divas the larger-than-life pop number “The Holly Jolly Truth.” That truth?–you got 25 days to make a move right Baby you’re the holly jolly truth. Get some mistletoe, boi.

Ska love letter from Dr. Blackout, “Hey Merry Christmas,” gets one’s attention. Does it win her over? Dunno. ‘Sheartfelt… Let’s listen again.