Domain and Rangifer: off topic

Sometimes a reindeer isn’t here for Santa Claus’s sleigh. The nontraditional carols that corral the Christmas critters lead us a merry chase, i must say.

The precious grunge sendup “I See Reindeer in the Clouds” seems to be about the prep work for Christmas crudités. But the singers do indeed imagine reindeer, for some reason. Maybe it’s just a good story to tell.

Also an outstanding parody, The Withers’ “Reindeer on the Moon” takes on R.E.M.’s ‘Man on the Moon,’ but seems to visit a dire world of No Xmas due to the unverified passing of Rudolph. (Do you hear ‘Reindeer on the Roof‘? I do. ‘Sbetter.)

Gregg Donley makes the case that you need to search Ireland in order to find these beasties. “The Reindeer Song” is more music hall kidsong than Celtic hop, so take it with a grain of salt.

Ken Herzog’s Christmas tragedy “The Dead Reindeer Song” reads like a sitcom theme song, but the lesson is give peace a chance… or stop reading the papers… or whatever you will. Okay.