Domain and Rangifer: rest in oven

Whaddya do with a dead reindeer? (Many of our blogged songs have covered this territory afore, we’ll focus on some new juicy cuts.)

Other reindeer don’t seem to take it well when Santa snacks on “Rundown Reindeer.” Mark Cummings infuses his band number with some fiery honky tonk piano.

Justifiable hoof-icide from Arthur Kill and The Pollutants, “All of Santa’s Reindeer” is a jolly pop punk salute to disappointment. It didn’t solve the problem, just made them feel angry.

Well, let’s eat (more sugar!)–

Chuck Picklesimer returns as is right with “Reindeer for Breakfast on Christmas.” Traveling weird country music.

Gregorian chanting from The Withers wonders “Flank, Hock, or Hoof“? Pass the salt.

Back Pocket take some roadside Blitzen for their roast beast feast in “Reindeer & Gravy.” They were driven to it! Boisterous folk rock fun.