Domain and Rangifer: idk

Sometimes a reindeer isn’t a reindeer. It might be an unshakable symbol of power/unknowable tool of legend. Or, i dunno, maybe a bank loan gone wrong.

You Are Something True explores childhood trauma with “Reindeer on the Roof,” a sensitive pop Rosarch test. I see– an angry father.

Broken Reindeer” is mystical altpop from Jambones about–perhaps–climate change (??). Definitely a lively bummer.

November Reindeer” might tell you about a night when you’re too ill to go out. Or hoping for snow. It’s a King Thing may not even know their message, just good ol’ garage rock.

House of Large Sizes also keeps it close to the garage with “Twelve Angry Reindeer,” a miscommunication misadventure set of notes.

Oso Oso’s “Reindeer Games” looks at the ups and downs of an uncertain relationship. Whiny love pop.

Lounge fun from M.D.C. (Millions of Dead Cops) poeticize the end of the world with “Acid Reindeer.” Uh oh.

Final words from Flooded Cellar with the rockabilly road rock “400 Reindeer Under the Hood.” Pedal to the metaphor, gang! Whooo!