Domain and Rangifer: believing is believing

Are the reindeer on the roof enough to persuade you of the magic that is Xmas?

Take it from me, croons Nick Lowe in “Hooves on the Roof.” Jazzy electronica.

Allie Jo Thomas says it plainly: she believes in Santa ’cause she heard “Reindeer on the Roof.” Sprightly kidsong.

All You Gotta Do is Believe You Got a Hoof on the Roof.” Believe it or not, The Hooves sing this bombastic big band gospel call to legs.

The stages from sceptic to advocate outline Ideascapes Music with their jazz big band “Reindeer on the Roof.” Twirl, two three. Whee!

Domain and Rangifer: must be love

How cool are Santa’s big antlered sled doggies? Don’t ya just love ’em?

“I Wanna be a Reindeer” has become a phenomenon for the adoring. Brian the Bold hits a country groove for the kids with it. Fair party anthem. The Jack Lomas Experience gets alt rock creepy about it. Plastic surgery is involved. Not for kids. Do You Hear What I Hear (feat. Spike Raven)? grates your dreams with a punk pronouncement. And it becomes suggestive with your girlfriend riding you around the world… Universal Groove‘s gasolined punk ramps up the tempo ’til we get grrly. Angry/hopeful. Max DeGroot goes full epic storytelling concerning Timmy’s childhood idealism. Drawn out kidsong. And i’m not sure it’s entirely a happy ending.

‘Radar Love’ gets the comical adaptation by Santa’s Elves on Autoplay. “Reindeer Love” may not be available commercially but i dig the rock expression here. And, i do believe it’s consensual. Among compatible species.

I Love Reindeers” Deranged Mime Clan sings over and over again, whether or not you believe them.

Winter Wilburys go boy band overboard in their adoration of “Those Other 8 Reindeer.” Electric worm solo!

Love BLUE ALERT from Dyslexic Fudgicle: “Balls Deep in Santa’s Reindeer” is a brief foray into bestiality and should be filed under psychological aberration, or at least metal muttering.

Drtyboy calms the naughtiness with “Whip Me Like a Reindeer.” This dance mix simply encourages without painting a BLUE picture.

Domain and Rangifer: heroes on the hoof

How much do we love Santa’s reindeer?!

Jonathan Groff as Sven from ‘Frozen’ has his musical moment in the ‘duet’ “Reindeers are Better Than People.” Folk musing.

Erica Fleischmanns kid assembly song “Reindeer on the Roof” associates the beastly herd with glorious treasure. Hooray! Clatter!

Leelu gets ’60s folk hand-holdy with the anticipatory “I’ve Got Reindeer on My Roof.” We’ve been waiting so long!

Just as kum ba yah, those Hawaiian melody mavens The Brothers Cazimero make magic of “8 Tiny Reindeer.” Despite the brand name dropping, this is imagination-pricking.

Kid song gone too far is The Yule Logs letting their freak flag fly as each in turns sings “I Walked with a Reindeer” Last Night over and over again. Sweet mindless repetitive rock is the true tribute.

Domain and Rangifer: outliers

How weird are Santa’s pack of reindeer? I mean they fly… what else?

Perhaps only reacting to their aerobatics, Rick Riso wonders “Where Did the Reindeer Go?” with frolicsome jazz band coyness.

The Knife get post-psychedelic with “Reindeer” in which they move like shadows and be like X-men. Whoa.

Bah & The Humbugs unfold another talent from the reindeer book in “My Psychic Reindeer.” This phone-a-friend helps make all the important decisions in life with enigmatic koans pulled out of thin air. Electro-pop that wishes it were rock.

Domain and Rangifer: get ’em goin’

Ten… Nine… Ready… Set… On Your Mark… One For the Money… Here… We…

Walter Giblin’s kid-country fun “Good Old Santa’s Reindeer Roundup” details the chase, catch, and preparation of those North Pole runners. A bit circular, but so are some fine rides.

Mary Kaye has already told us about “Santa’s Roundup” with cutie-pie fiddling’. ‘Member?

Maniac Clown’s “Reindeer” is the acid-dropped experimental parody that some people dismiss as ‘Awful.’ It is.

Brady Rymer and The Little Band That Could big band/rockabilly the warm up with “Revvin’ Up the Reindeer.” You feel it as well as hear it.

Domain and Rangifer: set ’em up

How did Santa’s reindeer get to be so special? Care and feeding lessons as follows:

Peggy Lee’s continual attempts to appeal to children (scary!) included the saccharine “Don’t Forget to Feed the Reindeer,” a heavily syncopated band tune/lecture letting you know the privileges from being good. Do what you’re expected to do and you’ll get another chore, you angel!

Not scary enough? DJ Santa remixes ‘Mrs. Santa Claus’ as a bass drum car crash pogo dance “Who Feeds the Reindeer.” You have to dance, or else you’ll hear this massacre of a repetitious song.

 Blue Öyster Cult’s ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ gets its due with The Withers’ masterfully homespun “Don’t Feed the Reindeer.” Apparently they have professional handlers and your leaving them carrots (and cookies?!) (and wifi??!!) when you go to bed Xmas Eve messes that up. Quit it.

Domain and Rangifer: intro

Hang on a sec, or a coupla secs anyway–we all on the same page when it comes to reindeer? Y’know, Rangifer tarandus? Sure you’ve got the cartoons in your head, or you’ve seen the European pants-wetting children’s petting zoo antics… but ARE they caribou? DO both males and females have antlers? WOULD they eat children? Time for some fundamentals.

Sam Jones takes us on a journey of folk rock mythos (it’s not just what you see; it’s what you believe) covering the pretty little lies in “Tell Us Tales About a Reindeer.” Enchanting.

Animal Facts (Nick Naylor) has a splendid myth-busting pop rock recitation humbly entitled “Reindeer.” Tell me you knew all this already; didn’t think so! (Now you do.)

Domain and Rangifer: from before

Now reindeer in general are fine symbols of Christmastime, hailing from the Arctic so it’s always like winter when they’re near. Majestic but adorable. Neutral enough to be portrayed in any mood, in fact. Let’s have fun–in song–with this Xmas staple.

Was there a time “Back Before Santa Had Reindeer“? Wull, Chuck Picklesimer has a story to tell you in fine down home country style. Lissen up, young’n. (Fish?!)

Ringers: etc.

The list grows longer and longer when comic singers ad lib ad infinitum. Strap in, this will take a while.

Hal Willis admits the old reindeer are getting too old, so here comes Rosebud, Flasher, Moonglow, Twinkletoes, Jodhpur, Stomper, Starbrite, Whizbang, and Herman. “Santa’s Reindeer Clones” is country cornpone kidsong.

The Benefit start out traditionally, but then… “The Reindeer Song” requires some stamina to make it through. Those who share this sense of humor will not tire of the endless add ons in “Reprise.” My favorite? Crouton!