Domain and Rangifer: turnabout

The harnessed might chafe and rumble about working conditions. Will Claus’s reindeer unionize?

In The Substitutes’ alt rock odyssey “The Reindeer will Fight for X-Mas” Santa seems to uses violence or at least technology to keep the big guys in place. It’s charmingly brutal.

Starting out as a clever mashup of ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’ and ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas,’ The Carolyn Sills Combo’s “Ghost Reindeer in the Sky” takes a grisly closeup of the wretched conditions these creatures fly under. Brrr.

Bah & The Humbugs cry out for action with “Free the Reindeer,” a rocking pop protest ballad. This might take a while, better call Aaron Sorkin to option the rights.

Deer Valley Trio seem to care little for lyrics or production values, but Mr. Christmas pushes too far “When Santa Claus Got His Ass Kicked by the Reindeer.” Chatty desk knocking pop, almost kidsong, with a resounding yeehaw!

Sleeping Trees itemize the PTSD of the eight in graphic detail. Synth pop sensation “The Ballad of the Reindeer” wishes you well, but the reindeer–they resign. Brit silliness.