Domain and Rangifer: party animals

A rooftopful of antlered rascals on a holiday eve (DAY OFF tomorrow!)–time to cut loose!

James Brown chats us up about “Reindeer on the Roof” while some music plays in the background. Shenanigans result. It’s all soul.

Taking the cue off the reindeer names, many celebratory Xmas songs about the sleigh pullers include the terpsichorean arts. “Reindeer is a. Dancer” may not be what you expect, as S.N.A.P!’s experimental pop evokes Martha Graham moves.

More sock hop, Blue Aeris (feat. Kelly Moneymaker) shindig through “Reindeer Know How to Groove.” It’s got the beat.

The Reindeer Shuffle” may be based on Cupid’s ’07 modest hit, and cashes in on its danceabilitiness.

Music with Mar. does the same with “The Reindeer Dance.” A kid counting song marching through the genres.

The Reindeer Twist” is some kids’ assembly noise-magnet. You might need to sit this one out.

Compare that to “Das Sexy Reindeer Danz” by the awful Rascal Rockhog (feat. Cemetry Gator). Completely and electronically inappropriate.

Reindeer Rockin’” from Isaac Stancill is a retro-rock breathy call out for the party that might lower the roof.

The Heebee-jeebees get all Celtic with the rousing “Reindeer Ceili” [ceili (cei·lidh/ˈkālē/noun): a social event at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling]. NOT a sea chanty, but nearly as good. Your feet may move without you realizing.