Domain and Rangifer: noises off

An eight-pack plus of massive herd animals on the housetop? How loud does that get!

Tom Paxton goes nonchalant kidsong to name the possible sources of the clatter in “Reindeer on My Roof.” Some lovely pickin’.

Also bein’ cool, Coach Kody raps out the racket with quiet glee in “Reindeer on the Roof.” Names ’em, too, case you lost track.

Terry Turtle sets the complete soundscape with carols, bells, AND “Reindeer on the Roof.” Freaky kid folk and a froggy vocal that might scare more than endear.

Making ‘Up on the Housetop’ refreshed, The Rosebuds jam out “I Hear (Click, Click, Click)” to my top forty Xmas tunes of all time. Pop done right.