Domain and Rangifer: trouble brewin’

Reindeer: ya let ’em on the roof they think it’s fandango time. I tell you.

Keep Those Reindeer Off My Rooftops ‘Cause My Rooftop’s Getting Full of Reindeer Hoofspots” is the cutesy country cornballing from J Jonathan Wiest. Fast paced trilling, and perhaps the longest title on the blog to boot.

Jerry Riggins ups the Downtown Nashville pickin’ with “Get Your Reindeer Off My Roof.” There’s a moral to this lesson, listeners.

Dave and Jeanine also callback to Ray Stevens with the hill-arious “Get Your Reindeer Off My Roof.” Ho Ho Heehaw.

Krismas Kookies add a dollop more jug band to the grouchy dad “Get Those Reindeer Off My Roof.” It’s a barbershop quintet of fun.

Paul ‘Jamo’ Jameson has a different problem in “Reindeer on My Roof.” This Ozzie kidsong worries about the one that got left behind. What’s a child to do?

Big Earl has a more specific worry when he’s “Tired of Cleaning Reindeer Shit Off My Roof.” A lovely excuse for some capital bluegrass. Mild Blue Alert.