Domain and Rangifer: bad

How bad can those wily rascals pulling Santa’s sled get?

The Sh​*​t​-​Faced Santa Claus Band American-rock out “One Of The Reindeer Blew A Hoof Out” as an elegy to bad luck. No evil intentions, yet.

Eddie Floriano croons the charming children’s psychedelic “The Lost Reindeer.” Seems Otto’s best friend needs help… or something. What?! The song harms me!

Don McKinnon’s “Reindeers on the Rooftop” is the sassy old fashioned country kidsong that dares to wonder what happens when the beasts get into the root beer–! Tomfoolery! I do declare!

The Yev take “Reindeer” to take for being so standoffish and not noisy like they want them to be. Grrr.

Big Werl tricks me into mentioned the Elmo and Patsy novelty Christmas classic that bores to to rendition… “The Story of the Reindeer that Killed Grandma” is a folk legend worthy of Guthrie. The criminal is psychoanalyzed, and it seems the hard life doesn’t agree with this unnamed con. –Or does it?