Christmas Countdown: 10 magnitude

Since we count by 10s, we measure by factors of 10.

The Killers return with their mod beat poetry in “A Great Big Sled.” Apart from loving this time of year, they remark: This snowman is shaping up to be an eight but not out of ten–possibly a shape referent. Alt-tacular.

Coy and Ashley try out their “Christmas Diss” with slurs like: Girlies all in her head thinking she’s 10 out of 10, but you built like the grinches. Take that! the ‘Jingle Bells’ karaoke and auto-tuning don’t help.

The highly entertaining Fralphie Jenkins whispers his altrock about spinning out on “Black Ice” and almost missing Christmas. But, This whole song was sponsored By On-Star: On-Star provides you With confidence; Right now it′s 10% off If you′re on the fence–Use the promo code ‘Fralphie J′… It’s the #1 thing this year In Santa′s Sleigh! What a twist ending! Ha!

Frankie and the Lake County Collective ask to “Let Me Hear Some Christmas Music” and to Turn the volume up to 10. Their bouncy pop country growls my kinda thinking, even if i can’t sing along to it.

Ludacris invokes ‘Fred Claus’ when he raps “Ludacrismas.” On his list are two gold front teeth And ten carat diamonds on a fat gold wreath. Acquire it.

Minhee Jones figures “Next Xmasin case you’re keeping score will be Ten times better than the one before. R+B with a childish lilt. Fun.

David J Caron celebrates a Brit family-friendly rocking Xmas praising the “Star Angels” and the whole Santa thing: (Warp factor 10 Mr Blitzen)! Celebratory.

Howlingly off, Starbourne declares Christmas is “X Times (Better With You).” A mind melting psychedelic love declaration. Just, wow.