Christmas Countdown: 10 things and such

What else is a 10 for Christmas music–?

10 pounds of shit in a three pound bag is a gift possibility for F.B.A. with time running out. BLUE ALERT “All I Got You for Christmas Were These Riffs” is the actual gift. As well as a buttload of complaining, in heavy rock.

Heavy blues from Honey Davis, who is ambivalent about going home for the holidays. I had to stop at the station Put a couple dollars on number ten… but she imagines a head on collision might be better than seeing her babies again. Man, that’s a “Blue Christmas.”

Also losing the thrill, Fruitcakes old through their “10th Christmas Together.” Regretful celebrations. Drunken piano bar caterwauling.

A measure of Christmas Eve’s approach, by Boyzone, is Streets are finally emptying, Ten shutters coming down…. “The Hour Before Christmas” is a self-important piece of dense pop. But it’s sooo pretty.

Obodo Oyibo Christmas” is a planned African trip to visit family overseas with 10 bags each. Eko the Beat keeps the beat magnificently.

Jake Paul, the self-made celebrity, taunts: We the Team 10 elves, who the hell are frickin’ you? in “It’s Christmas Day Bro.” Rap that tries too hard.

Starshine Singers kidsong in harmony “Shopping Bags.” They got lots! Including 10 CDs.

Jonathan Coulton and Jonathan Reddick have a plan: Look, I couldn’t find a single Teddy Ruxpin anywhere, but they’ll still be just as popular next year And when I find a stash, I’ll buy ten. They’re taking “One Christmas at a Time.” Pop whooping.

The kids want stuff [Bobby wants a ten-speed English racer], But Alan Jackson only wants you to “Just Put a Ribbon in Your Hair” so you’ll be his present. Slow country love song.

In a “California Christmas” The Boxmasters may hang ten. Lotsa word play with this slow rock. Roll with it. [See also “Hang Ten Santa” from Eric Stone for real surf rock.]