Christmas Countdown: 10 count

New Years is the time to countdown from 10; yet it is only one of the Happy Holidays. So go.

[Some counting songs don’t go up to 12, but only up to 10. My favorite is “Children, Go Where I Send Thee” (here by the Skaggs Family)–a Bible study number that only nudges ‘gainst Xmas. For novelty sake, The Christmas Pranksters ‘poon this with “Children, Go There and Spend Thee.” I’m counting it.]

Jenx wants (for New Year’s Eve) to Countdown from 10 and now we’re here, Hoping to go back in time, to relive this 25th one last time. “Everything You Need for Christmas” is a party pop anthem with cutesy slurring for to be alluring. Brassy.

Anika Dzulkiflee celebrates coming through a tough Christmas with “This Moment” where, with poorly recording timpanic pop, she begins the countdown to the First.

Christmas, yea, but New Years is almost here chimes Elle Hills: 10, 9, 8… belying her “Christmas is Here” pop theme. There is no now, only new.

Counting down like New Years 10 to zero, soft raps Goodxj in a positively loving ode to Xmas. “This Christmas” is a happy place.

Counting up is cool, as well. Count to ten, and close your eyes; You’ll see, it’s Christmas time, ends Sarah Reynolds with a plaintive showtune “Christmas Time is Here.” Simple stuff, but evangelical.

Getting around to actual Xmas: John Legend swings, I count one, two, three four, up to ten From the beginning until the end, Celebrating merry, merry Christmas time with you. This jazzy soul number can count to a million s’far as i’m concerned. “Merry Merry Christmas.” Man.

Ethereal plucking and falsetto pitch us toward the 25th: Open the windows and count to 10 (then something about lords leaping–why?!). This clockwork wonder, “Yule Nog Waltz,” is short but so very worth it.