Christmas Countdown: 100!!

Does this special time of the year amp up the whole deal? Well, does it?? To 100?!?

Filnobep raps hearty “This Christmas” BLUE ALERT about all the good stuff on the list. There’s 12 days, a 40 inch ride, and 50 belts. When you got some change you make Christmas everyday 100 Brrr Aw aww. Gleefully nasty.

Commercial jingles are a billion dollar industry, and they don’t all suck. They do try to pack the pop and fun into the message. But it’s funny how things they Never change We can grow a hundred different Ways and stay the same moans the alt pop “Something in the Air” from Grayson Sanders (ft. Jono ft. Lauriana Mae). Coca-Cola gets the product placement here and it’s more reflecting than refreshing, but if you’re feeling paused give it a go.

Banging the folk out of romance, Rushmore Beekeepers wail out “Some Deeper Meaning.” To tell you how I feel I’m gonna need some christmas lights Wrapped around a hundred trees, goes the holiday hyperbole. It’s just aw-shuck ah lax yew for a song, but the mention of Xmas makes me wanna share it.

Full country twang lands us in the corny sentiment of Jessie T’s “Decorating That Tree.” Each ornament is a showstopper: Grandma’s angel made of gold Broken wings but she still holds The stories of a 100 winter nights. So about four years’ worth.

It doesn’t get more upbeat than “100 Christmases” from The Sugarettes while hand-clapping, whooping, chanting, and partying on.

The blues enfuses Put Cupples’s “Defending Christmas (Who Called the Cops on Santa Claus).” First a couple tots, then A hundred other kids show up to alibi out the big guy. That’s a lot of kids in court. Innocent!

Christmas countdown: 100&

Can 100 measure the love of Christmas? Follow the ribbons–

LeAnn Rimes warbles out in her diva pop “It’s Christmas Eve” that for all the lucky ones Who leave no “I Love You” undone They’ll see a hundred trips around the sun And know all that their dreams become. Well, it’s a love song regardless.

Brief reprise from the steampunking Eternal Frontier’s “100 Years of Christmas (She Melts Me).” Rock me, o mechanics.

As one-hundred hearts the lanterns glow metaphorizes “Christmas Lights in Every Tree” by Karin Tenggren. This high soprano folk prayer leads us home, bc home IS love. Sigh along.

Christmas countdown: 100….

Christmas heartache songs are a dime a hundred. But let’s narrow it down to the 8 or so songs that claim 100 and cry about your absence, baby.

Rapping about how bad loneliness is ’round now “Christmas Alone” BLUE ALERT from Nerd Lady (ft. Divinity & Kali Crews) reveals feelings at 100. A wild ride.

Paul Kelly (feat. Vika Bull) admits I wrote a hundred times to Santa for you to appear on the “Christmas Train.” This wailing soul makes you wait to find out if the dear rail-y one makes it. Worth the wait.

Eric Clapton updates the swampy blues of Freddie King‘s “Christmas Tears.” (For a hundred years or more (you been gone) You came back and hang “Merry Christmas” on my door). Slays that funky music, white boy.

Somerset Solo” seems to be about holding onto love with the barest of fingernail grips. This alt-indie mess of poetic sniffling from Matthew Milia offers: Here’s what I got you for Christmas this year, dear –A seashell which, if you put it to your ear, hear Me crying like a hundred manger babies. But with garage elan.

Emotional pop from Tommy Lellan about how it sucks to be “Done on Christmas” day: I hope I won’t live for a hundred years Without someone to spend it with Until that day, I guess I’ll have to bide my time.

Strains of Bellum misses the wife (and the dog and its poo) 100 days and more while stuck in some war during “A Metal Christmas War Love Song.” Honest head banging.

Did the Pandemic keep you apart–during the holidays?! These hundred-hour days are gonna bring me to my knees, complains Jacob Oman in “Social Distance.” Choppy R+B wants to cuddle up for Xmas.

The Russian Futurists realize that a short-lived romance in summer leaves a hole when it’s “100 Shopping Days ’til Christmas.” The R+B bebopping rap counts the calendar without taking a day off. Swing along.

Christmas Countdown: 100º

Chill out, it’s Christmas music. Not too hot now….

They say it’s gonna be a hundred degrees, worries the incarcerated narrator in Pual Kelly’s “How to Make Gravy.” But it’s Australia, so that tracks. This rocking apology for not being there then closes with the promise he’ll pay them all back by making the gravy later. So… desperate.

It’s a COVID Christmas” is a home spun parody of ‘Here Comes’ without much oomph. The wit glistens at a hundred degrees and maskne, but Payton Marie is just a kid having fun.

Kylie Minogue (with Dannii Minogue) is ready to dance and love everybody even if it is “100 Degrees.” That’s the thing about Christmas. Don’t have to be white. ‘Kay? Diva pop.

Christmas Countdown: 100$

Benjamins for Xmas! Destiny & Tommy (FT. THOMAS VELI, FAMOUS CHRIS & DIANNA VU) rap that they only want that hundy in their “Jingle Bells Remix.” Or you could put your head in a steel bucket and hit it with a hammer a hundred times.

Perky l’il blonde Katrina raps Oh yea my grandma came clutchShe gave me one hundred bucks(I’m rich, I’m rich) in “La Fa La.” Childish troubles AND behind the scenes footage.

Well, that’s GETTING… but what about giving? 100$ to a hooker?! Well, happily, that’s what Santa does to save a streetwalker from freezing on Christmas in “Ho Ho Ho” by The Dan Band. It’s a doo wop salvation story worth the listen.

Yo Gotti gives a bit differently. In “Wish List” [BLUE ALERT] this kingpin rapper dispenses Christmas bikes, TVs, drugs, and A hundred to the lawyer ’cause he goin’ for a appeal. Life is NOT cheap ’round here.

Stingy, however, is YunG HPC in his rappin’ “Grinch.” He’s sporting 100 coins BTC, but sharing nothing. Hey, that’s way more than dollars!

Also more is the cost of 100 quid faced by The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican in their ‘American Pie’ parody “The Gasman Cometh.” Figures it’d be Christmas Eve (the day the boiler died)…. (Yea! Parody!!)

Christmas Countdown: 100 and more

Is a hundred enough–?

Steven Curtis Chapman tugs at the guitar strings with the orphan’s Xmas wish “All I Really Want.” Hint: he wants a family to sing me Happy Birthday for the next hundred years. Is it enough? Of country schmaltz!

Christopher Kenny (feat. St. Ignatius International Youth Ministry, Crystal Eileen, Ivander Hartanto & Valerie Aurelia) tinkle out the gospel observance Here’s to 100 more! (with you) of the “Warmest Holiday.” Earnest AF. Enough!

The “Wishlist” from The Yule logs is over a hundred pages long (and did NOT include underwear or a ball). Santa!! Not enough rock’n’roll!!

Christmas Countdown: 101

Loves me some “Heat Miser.” (Well, not the Harvey Fierstein verzh….) But been there done that. Let’s try the fantastical rap reimagining of Promise (feat. Robby Atkins): “The Misers.” Oddly the hot one is now female. Still loves it one hundred and one degrees. Faboo.

Rustic set, but country folk pop–“Tangier Christmas” fiddles up a snowstorm, then stops by the barn-like church for Rows of wooden pews and song hymnals Turn to page 101 and sing along. Down home fun.

I’m on the 101 and I look at my phone–Traffic is delayed, is the resigned slomo pop cry of NVR enuff in “Christmas This Year” (as in: I won’t be at…). He’s leaving L.A. at Xmas, which is tough ‘cuz you are my drug. Guess he’s going cold turnpike.

Christmas Countdown: 102

The Bitters are [BLUE ALERT] fucking nuts to be celebrating “Christmas in July” when its’s 102. But they rock their nuts. What a scene.

Due to the pandemic we’ll have a “Happier New Year (Christmas is Cancelled).” Maggie Rose reports Rudolph’s got a temp of 102, and Santa’s on a ventilator. But she does it with classy country pop. Hand clapping tragedy time!