Christmas Countdown: 101

Loves me some “Heat Miser.” (Well, not the Harvey Fierstein verzh….) But been there done that. Let’s try the fantastical rap reimagining of Promise (feat. Robby Atkins): “The Misers.” Oddly the hot one is now female. Still loves it one hundred and one degrees. Faboo.

Rustic set, but country folk pop–“Tangier Christmas” fiddles up a snowstorm, then stops by the barn-like church for Rows of wooden pews and song hymnals Turn to page 101 and sing along. Down home fun.

I’m on the 101 and I look at my phone–Traffic is delayed, is the resigned slomo pop cry of NVR enuff in “Christmas This Year” (as in: I won’t be at…). He’s leaving L.A. at Xmas, which is tough ‘cuz you are my drug. Guess he’s going cold turnpike.