Christmas Countdown: 100$

Benjamins for Xmas! Destiny & Tommy (FT. THOMAS VELI, FAMOUS CHRIS & DIANNA VU) rap that they only want that hundy in their “Jingle Bells Remix.” Or you could put your head in a steel bucket and hit it with a hammer a hundred times.

Perky l’il blonde Katrina raps Oh yea my grandma came clutchShe gave me one hundred bucks(I’m rich, I’m rich) in “La Fa La.” Childish troubles AND behind the scenes footage.

Well, that’s GETTING… but what about giving? 100$ to a hooker?! Well, happily, that’s what Santa does to save a streetwalker from freezing on Christmas in “Ho Ho Ho” by The Dan Band. It’s a doo wop salvation story worth the listen.

Yo Gotti gives a bit differently. In “Wish List” [BLUE ALERT] this kingpin rapper dispenses Christmas bikes, TVs, drugs, and A hundred to the lawyer ’cause he goin’ for a appeal. Life is NOT cheap ’round here.

Stingy, however, is YunG HPC in his rappin’ “Grinch.” He’s sporting 100 coins BTC, but sharing nothing. Hey, that’s way more than dollars!

Also more is the cost of 100 quid faced by The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican in their ‘American Pie’ parody “The Gasman Cometh.” Figures it’d be Christmas Eve (the day the boiler died)…. (Yea! Parody!!)