Christmas Countdown: 94

A$AP Twelvvy gets all blerd with his rap: “12 Days of X-Mas.” I’m in a Santa suit Tree botanical, on 94th Street I’m a miracle Not for Comic-Con I’m a muppet boy begins the rap adventure of partying, shopping, and crashing. Don’t let the title scare you off, no repetition mars this swirl.

Back to the rockabilly! The Hollybells are lost, narrating: It’s not about the gifts Where’s my car I love this time of year I’m in aisle 94. “Christmas Simple” is just a swingin’ thing. Go, cat, go.

Christmas Countdown: 95

N95s are a symptom of “COVID Christmas,” a better-than-many-others comedy carol from Montague. Let the smarmy easy listening pop carry you to the ER.

Far away from home, and everything I know Cause only thing I see, is me on this open road South on 95, the thought of you keeps me alive. Jimmyjamster is getting there, baby, and “This Christmas” is the R+B road trip to your presence. So, okay.

Also getting there Jeremih and Chance the Rapper head On down Michigan Ave and hold my hand Take a red line from 95th to the End. “I’m Your Santa” is R+B rap with a romantic leaning. Awww.

Steve Pineo delivers unto us another Scrooge “In the Dominion of Mr. Klein.” This calypso rumba recalls when Mr. Klein he had a drink, told the poor people just what he think But don’t ever let the homeless say Mr. Klein never threw any money their way Because before he slammed the shelter door he threw 95 dollars on the floor And this was right at the Christmas time. And a one-two-three dip!

Christmas Countdown: 9:6

Isaiah 9:6 is the chapter and verse of the Jayby born. Sing it, but reference it.

The Corner Room puts “Isaiah 9:6-7” to pretty folk strumming. Then some reading.

Awana’s “Isaiah 9:6” is more motonous kidsong. Then big chorus.

JumpStart3 tries big party techno with “Isaiah 9:6.” Then more party.

Mr. Chocks’s “Happy Christmas” brings us salvation and no reason to be depress with a Jamaican backbeat in the name of that Bible quote. Mo’ message, mo’ poem.

Christmas Countdown: 9-7

Tha Dogg Pound’s “I Wish” is a Xmas rap for love, even with young oppressed men only dreaming of guns. So leave it to one enterprising poster to show us Ralphie in ‘A Christmas Story’ under the song. Oh yeah, and the bookends of Toys ‘R Us commercials (with a fraction of a second of an actual black child). The number in question, however, quoted in What’s the solution for your 9-7 resolution? is probably not the screen of an iPad Pro, so i dunno….

Christmas Countdown: 99

Two digits and counting! Woo!!

Maybe it’s the journey for _Patrickconnor as he’s still 99 miles from home in “I Know You All Love Christmas.” Driving pop/rock that never quite gets there.

Doin” is a Daft Punk parody (posted by HydroDalek) of a tech-store Christmas commercial. It’s a mad techno party on consumerism and we’ve seen the sequel before. But now, the DVD player is 99$! Go mad!

From the comedic video game centric variety show Scott the Woz, comes the endearing pop “It’s a Bargain Bin Christmas,” where returned march makes for unwanted presents–but may only cost 99¢!

While on the topic, John Dunbar wows with the folk pop “Christmas Shopping at the 99 Cent Store.” It’s a class struggle time of the year. Don’t judge.

Uh oh. Kash & Rico play the funny rap card with “Santa Likes Them.” This dirty dawg of a Claus may bring 99 presents but a ho ain’t one (sorry–not sorry, Jay Z). He sure likes them for himself.

99% Christmas” is a call to anger ‘gainst the 1%. Folk screed from Andrew Pfaff. What would Jesus rant?

Whirlwind transforms an angsty indie plea for sanity into The Simpsons‘ Christmas special with “Lovers Turn to Monsters.” It works. 99 to 1 odds (like with Santa’s Little Helper), but it does.

Christmas Countdown: 100??

What else is 100 at Christmas?

100 caps in on the short list of “All I Want” from Kj-52 & Spechouse. Raucous rap that’s just kidding.

100 proof is good enough for RaeLynn in the clever country pop “Jingle Bell Drunk.” Strangely, she thinks she’s got YOU–but still wants to take the edge off with the hard stuff.

A hundred bird baths is only part of the thought that counts in “Christmas at the Zoo” from Jacob Jeffries & Beauty Queen. A remarkably cornball big band concoction, this party brings Xmas to the animals. ‘Bout time!

Christmas Countdown: 100 years

So we did 100 in terms of distance, and even rate. How about time? 100 times Xmas!

Cooper & Jones country rock the gentle lullaby “A Hundred Sleeps Till Christmas.” So go back to bed. Now!

One hundred chores before the party is another way to measure time in “Christmas is More than Ribbons and Bows.” Percussive pop from John Weeden (feat. Isaac Folch) leads us calmly to the true joy.

Despite war and bars and foreigners, David Fee also lulls us with the prog rock wandering of “One Hundred Years (Christmas).” Peace, dude.

Christmas Countdown: 100 miles

How far is Christmas? Is it 100 miles? Shall we go 100 miles per hour to get there?

Kyle Matthews covers Oak Ridge Boys’s “Inconvenient Christmas,” a country stand-up sermon reminding us how Mary was Forced to walk a hundred miles just to give birth in the hay. Ask your mom about that level of inconvenience.

Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Must be Something More” blames our hundred mile an hour lives for not appreciating the specialness that the preacher told you about.

All I want is a Tesla Truck” remarks Frosty in a sprightly rap. ‘Cuz. you know, Goin’ 0 to 100. Weee!

Christmas Countdown: 100 (not)

Sometimes a number is a measure of negation, and i don’t mean 100 below freezing.

*NSYNC don’t need no 100 presents because “All I Want is You This Christmas.” The usual boy band folderol.

Audobon (feat. Jeremy) gets full BLUE ALERT with “All I Know,” a Christmas rap that goes for drugs and sex, and not the hundred birds you be singing about, fool.

Checking out 100 Young Moneys Money ain’t nothing, Tyga (feat. Gata) get comical BLUE ALERT in “Christmas Story.” Irony abounds in this raging re-telling. Be ready.

Tracherous Three goes kid-friendly for the Santa vs. kid debate/rap “Xmas Rap (Uncensored).” The kid can name a hundred presents I didn’t get. Instead–G.I. Joe and cheap shoes…. A bit funny.

I could open one hundred presents Underneath the Christmas Tree But you know that’s not the essence Of what Christmas means to me claims Myra in the rocking pop of “Christmas Isn’t Christmas (Since You Said Goodbye).”

A Living Hell is The Boxmasters take on festive folk rock for “Slower Than Christmas.” A hundred ignorant cousins with their pointy headed hats Have driven me as crazy as a hundred shit house rats is the hollering verdict. Ouch.

Father Guido Sarducci kvetches about Christmas songs in “100 Bulbs on the Christmas Tree (Part 1).” This spoken word comedy with kids carousing in the background is an essential part of a complete novelty Christmas music collection. Be advised, it’s from a time when we had more patience for comedy. Then maybe Part 2.

As if this year ain’t yet taken your all One hundred reasons why you should withdraw This year Christmas is the last straw begins the elegiac rock of “Christmas is the Last Straw.” The Revelator takes the side of depressed Scrooges everywhere.

Christmas Countdown: 100♪

Not sure how a hundred translates musically, but these songsters hit it for Christmas.

You can hear the chimes, clangs, & whistles 100 miles when Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends kidsong “It’s Christmas Time.” Catchy, and not just in a cow-catcher way.

Apathy Demigodz is pretty pissed BLUE ALERT when he underlines McCartney for his rap defensive “Wonderful X-mas Time.” Scoop Deville gave me like a 100 beats for Christmas is the nicest thing he can rhyme. Not a parody as much as it is a diatribe.

Contrariwise Cha$e D’Amico raps for the family when he points out family and friends are better than 100 bands. “Merry Christmas to You All” is as lame as it sounds. If you wanna spread the joy then go and make a phone call! Ya YAAA!

Santa, I need the Lam with a 100 bands, man fool-raps Arthur Ray (feat. Uni-G) in the funny funky “Gift Rappin’.” It’s a carnival of crazy. Naughty, too, but not quite blue.