Christmas Countdown: 99

Two digits and counting! Woo!!

Maybe it’s the journey for _Patrickconnor as he’s still 99 miles from home in “I Know You All Love Christmas.” Driving pop/rock that never quite gets there.

Doin” is a Daft Punk parody (posted by HydroDalek) of a tech-store Christmas commercial. It’s a mad techno party on consumerism and we’ve seen the sequel before. But now, the DVD player is 99$! Go mad!

From the comedic video game centric variety show Scott the Woz, comes the endearing pop “It’s a Bargain Bin Christmas,” where returned march makes for unwanted presents–but may only cost 99¢!

While on the topic, John Dunbar wows with the folk pop “Christmas Shopping at the 99 Cent Store.” It’s a class struggle time of the year. Don’t judge.

Uh oh. Kash & Rico play the funny rap card with “Santa Likes Them.” This dirty dawg of a Claus may bring 99 presents but a ho ain’t one (sorry–not sorry, Jay Z). He sure likes them for himself.

99% Christmas” is a call to anger ‘gainst the 1%. Folk screed from Andrew Pfaff. What would Jesus rant?

Whirlwind transforms an angsty indie plea for sanity into The Simpsons‘ Christmas special with “Lovers Turn to Monsters.” It works. 99 to 1 odds (like with Santa’s Little Helper), but it does.