Christmas Countdown: 100!!

Does this special time of the year amp up the whole deal? Well, does it?? To 100?!?

Filnobep raps hearty “This Christmas” BLUE ALERT about all the good stuff on the list. There’s 12 days, a 40 inch ride, and 50 belts. When you got some change you make Christmas everyday 100 Brrr Aw aww. Gleefully nasty.

Commercial jingles are a billion dollar industry, and they don’t all suck. They do try to pack the pop and fun into the message. But it’s funny how things they Never change We can grow a hundred different Ways and stay the same moans the alt pop “Something in the Air” from Grayson Sanders (ft. Jono ft. Lauriana Mae). Coca-Cola gets the product placement here and it’s more reflecting than refreshing, but if you’re feeling paused give it a go.

Banging the folk out of romance, Rushmore Beekeepers wail out “Some Deeper Meaning.” To tell you how I feel I’m gonna need some christmas lights Wrapped around a hundred trees, goes the holiday hyperbole. It’s just aw-shuck ah lax yew for a song, but the mention of Xmas makes me wanna share it.

Full country twang lands us in the corny sentiment of Jessie T’s “Decorating That Tree.” Each ornament is a showstopper: Grandma’s angel made of gold Broken wings but she still holds The stories of a 100 winter nights. So about four years’ worth.

It doesn’t get more upbeat than “100 Christmases” from The Sugarettes while hand-clapping, whooping, chanting, and partying on.

The blues enfuses Put Cupples’s “Defending Christmas (Who Called the Cops on Santa Claus).” First a couple tots, then A hundred other kids show up to alibi out the big guy. That’s a lot of kids in court. Innocent!