Cold Fat Bastard

Some just hate Big Red. Worth repeating: Erin McKeown uses some swearing to proclaim “Santa is an A**hole.” This cowboy pop screed is a full portrait of all the flaws. Look out, kids!

Oh, Santa!” by Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer gentlemanly raps dislike about the mess left by that terrible visitor Christmas Eve. Ghastly that!

Dumpster Company improvs loudly as experimental artists in the raging “Fuck Santa (in f).” It’s all bad that time of the year. BLUE ALERT

Also lo-tech is Terry Childers venting “Hey Santa” with some decent drumming. He seems to be missing a radio….

Here Comes Fatty Claus” by Rudolph & The Gang (Johnny MacRae) is hate speech pop (with profanity) about the high costs of giving. Sounds mean, but it comes from a place of hurt.

Chemtrail doesn’t merely doubt, but refuses Kris Kringle in the minimalist “You are Not Santa.”

The Silver Bells retro-rocks their disapproval about the double dealing Elf in “Santa Doesn’t Care About You.” Loved you and left you–nothing!

Even further, Beatnik Turtle also pop-rocks the disdain of Santy in “Santa Doesn’t Like You.” You got to face the fact.