Elf Driver

How do you manage the whole Christmas machine? Good boss or mean boss? Time for a struttin’ Neil Young parody! “Southern Claus” by Pity Rally might answer some of these questions.

Santa’s Elven Slave Trade” by Aristocorpse screeches metal accusations at that holly jolly soul. Do you believe? (Feeding their young to the reindeer!?)

With a kickass drumlin Gatsby’s American Dream challenges “St. Nicholas” to a duel of honor. He’s gotten away with too much! Metal match!

Richard Sponaugle hair rocks “St. Nick’s Sweatshop” with an axe to grind.

The Rattlesnakes American rock “Santa Kicks My Boss in the Ass,” turning the bellicosity of Old man Winter to good.

The Plastic Invaders mod rock the question/answer “(Who’s the Boss?) Santa Claus.” Almost comes off cool. Still the boss, though.

Average Friend calls out grievances to “Santa Boss.” Rollicking rock to organize those little workers.

Chuck Picklesimer jams country rock heavily for “I was a Slave for Psycho Santa Claus.” Scary stuff (hee hee)! Spaceship escape?