X Files-mas: Yeti

Thinking bigfoot and yeti are the same is like comparing a native of Atlanta with one of Tbilisi (both from Georgia, get it?)–ridiculous! So let’s party with our Himalayan friends. {A previous week of Abominable Snowman songs has already come and gone on the blog. So let’s get new ones.}

Scary red eyes and whatnot from Lightning Inside You recounts the coming of age every boy must face: cutting down a tree in the wintry woods while dodging “The Christmas Yeti.” It was a near thing. Folk horror.

Michael Scott Dublin (feat. George McMahon & Claire Ivory) wonders what you should do “If You Met a Yeti.” Lots of good alt-pop tips. (Hint: no racing!)

Bear Ron struggles with rhymes when he considers “Christmas With a Yeti.” Improvvie blues.

Teddy and Betty Yeti” try being good to get presents, but as The Superions sorta sing they don’t know from human. This EDM spoken word confrontation with Santa gets grisly as they eat the North Pole-ians. Ew.