Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: abominable detour 1

Scary monsters may not come up much round Xmas time, but since Rankin & Bass’s 1964 TV special, we have a place for the Abominable Snowman in our holidays. I gotta be upfront and admit most Abominable Snowman songs don’t mention Christmas, but then ‘Frosty’ the song doesn’t either. And some of these are pretty good.

So let’s get the kid-friendly one out of the way. Krazy Kuzins hip hop their way through “The Abominable Snowman” which alludes to the aforementioned cartoon. Kids get to holler.

South Oxfordhsire Youth Music Group chorale up the myths with “Himalayan Abominable.” Jazz jumpin’ school assembly fun.

Big Block Sing Song has a samba hip hop “Abominable Snowman” song that simply rocks. Dance if you like.