X files-mas: Witches

Supposedly inspired by Witch Week (a week after Christmas in Italy) Bev Gant amateurly strums out “The Christmas Witch.” She’s nice.

Make Like Monkeys seal that deal with their “La Befana (The Christmas Witch).” Swinging pop will make you like her more.

Dark Holiday Music warns us of the persecuted burnt practicers of darker arts with a sly “Carol of the Witch.” Reparations, anyone?

Infinity Christmas” by Douglas Gwilym is experimental pop about happiness. How much happiness? Enough to melt the witch with water! If you see….

Holiday Roger heard that witches’ cauldrons was “Where Elves Come From.” Sprightly pop that takes a turn.

Sean Madigan suspects Santa has magic ‘cuz “Mrs. Claus is a Witch.” Wild words propped up with pop that veers into rockabilly just right.

Awesome country rock from Count D. that MIGHT remind you of The Man in Black, “The Christmas Witch” is nothing more than a pranking nuisance. But, ’tis also an awesome novelty song.