X Files-mas: Werewolves

A medieval fear of wolves blended with fear of people who were up to no good. Both skulked and threatened at night when we were sleepy and vulnerable. So we thought.

Werewolves of Christmas” is a serviceable parody of ‘Werewolves of London.’ More poof than cheer here. Thanks go to The Wox.

Amateur exuberance from Matthew O’Donnell lights up “Werewolf Christmas.” Filking at its prime.

I Want a Werewolf (For Xmas)” by The Slingsby Hornets is possibly a ‘Hippopotamus’ parody. But it’s punked up enough that i would discourage lawsuits.

Clash of the Orchids mumble out “Werewolf at Christmas.” This spoken word/sung folky pop number looks out for Christopher. You should look out, too.

Timur and the Dime Museum metal out the rock with their “Werewolf Christmas.” Growls, roars, and howls punctuate the painful struggle the protagonist has with his change. Whoa-o-oo.