X Files-mas: Vampires

The shtriga in Albania, vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania are a far cry from the stylish, charismatic vampire of today. These soul-less demonically possessed corpses feed off of us because otherwise they have no animus. So, like a Hollywood agent.

Rev. Wyrdsli uses Anne Rice’s fictive Lestaat to feature in the bloodbath “Vampire Christmas.” Santa shows up, but to little purpose. Spoken caroldie.

Deth Elf livens up the party with their jounces metal “Vampire Christmas.” Wee!

Truman Proudfoot and David Kandal bust some rhymes with gothic folk rock in their “Vampire Christmas.” They’re everywhere. Even in the woods. Which is good news for humans–lots of stakes there, guys.

Rainbow Plaid’s “Vampire Santa” is your standard terror/lite metal warning.

30 Nights of Violence speed up the metal for heir “Vampire Santa.” More a propos.

Vom Norton sheds light on the whole solstice for Xmas dither: “Love Xmas, Hate Vampires” says it all, with groovy retro pop rock. Many good turning tips.