Countdown to Christmas part also

Some holiday songs mention that anticipatory number crunch.

Punchy pop from Nadia Vaeh claims you’re in the future dreaming Of this Christmas countdown. “Christmas Cards” is all about the loving to come.

Amateur rap from Alex Connor complains about “Corona Christmas.” Despite the lacks, celebrate: Listen to Christmas Countdown songs. Maybe not this one.

More professional but cheesier, Everlife’s hard pop “Everyday is Christmas” notes, The count down is starting it’s getting closer; Snow is falling its getting colder; and other cliches.

More rap, “Christmas Cheer” from T Vinci (feat. Marley Wilson, Sean Island & Reef Weber) gets a bit more colorful (and antic): Thе Countdown to midnight ain’t stopping. Go, clocks, go.

The countdown to Christmas has finally begun, begins the soulful children’s delight “Little Toy Soldiers” by Vicky Mir Rodriguez (feat. Aloha and Coco). But something’s gone wrong–!

Henny Queenz lists song writing, stocking hanging, movie watching for her “Christmas Season.” Then start a Christmas Countdownall this stuff exhilarating. Festive rap.

Some may countdown on to that day But I say Christmas is all month, sings Aushai in her “Merry Christmas.” Well put. Well sung. R+B.

Creepy Brit pop from Cage-A, “Come On Christmas” commands: So the countdown will begin now And it’s ONE TWO THREE. This song of children and smiles is fooling no one. Murder’s coming.