Countdown to Christmas part 1

Plenty of songs do our countdown to Christmas for us.

Countdown to Christmas Without You (Remix)” from Naika Oko & Oshy is another R+B broken hearted miss-you missive. Beautifully sung, though.

R+B cheesy pop “Counting Down To Christmas” from Jim Brickman (ft. AJ Rafael & Alyssa Navarro-Rafael) features actual counting.

Counting Down to Christmas” from the cast of ‘Nativity 2, Danger in the Manger!’ (David Tennant) is cheesy pop about getting stuff. The uzh.

‘March of the Toys’ gets the modern parody with “Countdown to Christmas” by Alfred Music Choral. They’re having fun, aren’t they. Gleeful, i’d say.

D.I.L.F USA get pretty pop with their thoughtful “Countdown to Christmas.” Then they rock. Two gifts for you. Oh, and a cool video.