Christmas Countdown: 1 and (not) done

Big band Harry Connick, Jr. swings “I’m Gonna be the First One.” That’s up on Christmas morning.

McCardy’s “One Christmas Eve” is also carefully orchestrate. Flirty, in a pop way.

Courtney Swain’s piano alt-pop “Snow Globe” has an agenda. Remember that one Christmas stocking that made Christmas suck? BLUE ALERT.

Folk bluegrass for Rick’s Original Music “It All Started One Christmas.” It’s a light fight with the neighbors! But the wives’ve got something to say about the livestock additions.

That One Christmas Song” by Caroline Manning X Hannah Meloche is pop trouble. A hit song that makes regret happen. Fame haters!

The Black Arts boogie woogie “Christmas Number One.” But that top rated song becomes a monster and eats the army. Uh oh.