Christmas Countdown: 1 classic Christmas

There was that one Christmas… remember? (It’a an excuse for me to include old stuff.)

1975. I remember. Greg Lake (of Emerson Lake and Palmer, you could look it up) gets just filtered enough to make me believe “I Believe in Father Christmas.” Classic pop rock of the epic sort.

The Tenors begin “Santa’s Wish (Teach the World)” with earnest reverence, then you realize you’ve heard it before. In 1971. With hippies holding hands and sharing a fizzy beverage.

Eddy Arnold smashes easy listening with country to represent that “One Christmas Eve Long Ago.” That’s our nod to The One True Christmas.

Bobby Vinton smushes easy listening with contemporary pop in “Dearest Santa.” Is that oboe too much?

Peter Paul and Mary make “The Marvelous Toy” a folk strummer of golden age nostalgia and modern grabby consumerism without missing a beat.

Cornball country kidsong needs a spot. “Mommy Is There More Than Just One Santa Claus?” wonders Kris Allen. Warning, there will be kazoos.

2021, but retro as all get out, Doris Spears owns “Christmas Comes But Once a Year.” It’s the cool kind of jazz.