Countdown to Christmas: advent calendar

Are you celebrating Christmas too early? You won’t find today on your advent calendar Because “Christmas Doesn’t Start in November.” Or ever for the punking Pablum. Cool song, tho.

Angry folk rock from Well Kept hates all civilization and Christmas, too. In “Advent Calendar” our pantomime of peace and love gets a beating.

Buy me an advent calendar, begins Camera Obscura’s “Footloose and Fancy Free,” a weird pop experiment with hockey organ and slide guitar. It’s about counting down to getting away, but not.

Not exactly cheering me, Cassie McMullin calls on how “Traditions Vary.” Plonking piano pop points out Our routines that give us cheer–Advent calendars or 25 movie nights. Almost accepting through the snidely whiplash.

Perking us up, Mark Fryars’s “(You Put the) Jingle in My Bell.” It’s a list of what you do for me (all Xmas related). It includes putting the advent in my calendar. Corny pop.

December, Wherever Are You?” is a knockabout on both Xmas and Chanukah: Well I don’t get the advent calendar And eight straight nights is just crazy. Rocking pop (with a touch of Dylan) irony from Austin Weber.