Christmas Countdown: 7 seas and stuff

All around the worldall across the seven seas… “Thanks for Christmas” pops up XTC. It’s catchy. The strings help.

Lighter, but just as catchy of pop, sails in The Crowd at Dexter’s Theater with “Thicken Thinner.” So the tale tells: Traveling the seven seas, It’s hell out there I can really tell you; But I’m gonna make it home for Christmas–I gotta decorate a tree. I’m getting seasick!

The other reason to measure such an endless expense? jardinière‘d sail seven seas, Walk pole to pole, crawl on my knees–If it would only bring you home. “Christmas Grieve” is a driving folk ode to remember.

Bringing the funk (and the Grinch) Snoop Dogg and October London and Cocoa Sarai’s “Funky Christmasdon’t want no Christmas... Heaven knows I did seven shows; No Santa Claus no ho-ho-ho’s. It’s a downer you can dance to.

Lohmann and Ballinger send up the ’70s with “Santa Claus is Coming to Our Disco.” Not only that, but Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Is coming to our disco, Seven candles and Muhini. The reindeer are in drag and Baby Jesus is feeling the beat. Everybody get down tonight.