Christmas Countdown: 7 yo/depths

Blues Traveler is feeling the blues ’bout the season, but with uplifting and reverential folk rock (like old Cat Stevens), My God in heaven now I feel like I’m seven! “Christmas” is a righteous journey, and you might end up somewhere you didn’t expect to be if you tag along.

Bethany Joy, also, wants to play in it all like a seven year old. But the cliches of easy listening haunt her “Snow.” Its jazzy undertones don’t save it.

Aware of cliches, Josh Worster wants the “Right Christmas,” even if the snow reaches seven feet deep. I just need you and I comes off more believable somehow, once the literary air has been cleared.

Dragonette is experiencing the time of the year: candy cane, snow is almost seven inches deep… but “Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message)” on the 27th of December. Her reply is BLUE ALERT appropriate to your untimeliness. Swinging pop.

BVJ The Project doesn’t want much “For Christmas“–but a 40 inch wig and 7 inch heels are on there. Sassy rap.

Thiqq Miqq claims Santa is 3 feet tall, but wears 7 inch heels in the amateur rap(scream) “We Wish You a Merry Thiqqmass.” Skippable.

Not as dismissible, All Students can bad-rap, too. But for Christmas all they want is a toaster to drop in the bath, or a 7 foot tree to drop a noose from. Ever since Trudy left (and my car failed inspection) they’ve decided “New Year No Me.”