Christmas Countdown: 7 finale

Your family?! Reality Student Ministry wants to invite you to “A Family Christmas.” Uncle Joe’s got 7 toes. Paul collects action figures. Mammy’s got hard sucking candy. Rap it!

el enigmA has a similar pitch wherein the family members are Different but together like a 7 layer salad. “Grateful” is a rap or reverence, however, while still smiling.

For others, the more the merrier: who’s at the door; I’m sure there’s room for 7 more; We’ll make some pallets on the floor… country drawl out Joey + Rory for “It’s Christmas Time.” Comfortable chaos under control.

Bitching on the bandwagon, Saucy Samurai Spice’s “Holly Jolly Saucy Samurai Christmas” bemoans the length of the season and all the folderol–but finally admits to a list: I just want a big fat tellie, Or can you give me seven crates of beer. The rocker ends on a happy note, so file in the nice cubby.

Jocie Denae gets flirty with “Hey Santa.” She’s rapping naughtily to that seven figure man to get what she wants. Better check that list twice.

This Christmas I call Jesus out by Carving a seven claims Sharks Teeth in the odd chanted “Star of the Morning.” Go with it.

Jolly rap from Hrkbrkblake, “Holiday Spirit” jounces around with trade and digs [I ain’t Roddy this ain’t 7 but just say what’s in the box], but makes the time worthwhile.