Christmas Countdown: 6:00

Tis’ the Season” by Eunike (feat. Tom Sycamore) is that folk rocker that allows how seriously these musicians take their craft. Hit, though? It smells like everything else out there. Gleeful at times: 6 am It’s Christmas morning, Running down the stairs.

Dream Theater goes the industrial punk route on “6:00“: Six o’clock on a Christmas morning, And for what? Their insistence is comparable, but their angst is passionate (as opposed to passion that’s angsty). Points.

DeDe Kimble and Fraser Watt miss waking up at 6am running down the stairs for the holiday. They miss that frame of mind where you can “Come Home This Christmas.” This sorrowful pop ballad notes the difference of only a year ago. But, if you keep listening, this loss of childhood is actually a pandemic quarantine crisis. Well, i’ll read into it what i want.

Other ways to hate this time? “Hungover on Christmas Day” is a problem for Scott Forsyth: It’s barely turned 6 in the morning And the little ones are already out of bed, Their little feet stomp in the rhythm Of the throbbing that’s inside my head. Anthem rock that pounds a bit too hard. Ow.

Ready to actually rock? Bubble Made Imagination considers indie artist Jeff Rosenstock in the stream-of-consciousness bopper “Meat Pie Holiday Weekend“: I′m thinking about him at 6:47am On this Christmas Day; I need a skin doctor and a head doctor And I can’t stand up. But you’re a standup kinda band–hats off.