Christmas Countdown: 6 yo

North of Heaven” is south of Hell warbles the vibrato of metal Gods Wisdom for their anti-carol. When I Was 6 Xmas Was Sixmas go the acid-washed hell-lyrics. Oh my.

From the parental POV Buck Owens gets old country bragging on his littlun’s Xmas wishlist, and i quote: Well, I’m-a gotta quit a-actin’ like a kid, I’m six years old and it’s time I did. Still, the lists asks for “One of Everything You Got.” You know, to make it easier on Santy.

Oh, When I was six years old All I wanted was Candy in the stocking, trills Johan Glidden in the precious pop of “Everything I Had.” See, he didn’t want much. Everything he wanted he already had. Like Jesus.

Also indoctrinated early is the young questioner in The Statler Brothers’ “Whose Birthday is Christmas?It’s hard to understand in a big peoples’ land Especially if you’re six years old–is the cornball easy listening country rationale.

You want bourgeoise? Try Bette Midler barely making it though the ‘Home Alone 2’ love theme “Somewhere in My Memory.” Where in this memory? Memories of my childohood When I was 5, 6, and 7. On Christmas Day. A cry for help.

When does that Santa/Daddy betrayal hit? Is it so young?? Waiting for presents Christmas Eve, the main character in Kulina’s “Christmas Song” sees someone else stumble down to the Christmas tree. In his own words, his reward: I’m only six years old, I got nothing but coal. Somebody help this waif!

Perhaps the epiphany isn’t evil when you realize what Mama went through for ya. Now that I grew up, I’m the gift, ain’t that some–Every day it’s Christmas, when you’re Six, I’m too legit, raps 6LACk & Summer Walker in “Ghetto Christmas.” Heartfelt.

Julius Pe happy raps “Coming Home” to see the family. He’s so wiggly he claims, I feel like I am 6. Sweet! Too sweet! Stop with all the sweetness!