Christmas Countdown: 6 weeks/days/hours

Libby Hammer addresses that confusing Australian “Christmas in the Summertime” with kidsong frenzy. I’m gonna spend six weeks In the swimming pool, she brags (but recommends sun screen).

Ariana Grande counts the days with her boo in “True Love.” After six days in your arms I got that tattoo on my heart. Singing about love in pop music means never having to say you’re sorry.

Kristin Wilson is sorry she fell in love–with a guy who left! Her “Christmas Wish” is to control time: I know New Years’ Eve is just six days away but I don’t want to start a new year feeling This way. Woo woo extra-slow pop,

Latitude matters: It doesn’t help the sun for six damn days it disappears And on the seventh day it drags us kickin’ into a New Year, declares “S.A.D. Xmas” according to Kevin Hansen with superior indie sentimentality.

Never too late to wish: Six days till Christmas And I don’t know what I need; I just know that when it gets here I want you there with me. Sultry R+B from Liz Elias in the form of “Six Days Till Christmas.” Loving.

Frida Hyvönen misses something else around the holidays. Six hours back across the ocean is something called “N.Y.” Her fortissimo lounge pop makes clear her Christmas wish. Let her have it. She’s good.