Christmas Countdown: 6 years/months

Loss at Christmas can be the worst, but Finlay Hatton begins to heal in the pounding garage pop of “In My Arms.”  I never thought That you’d go this soon, That you’d fade away In my arms, in my life–6 years since we took you home. Yeah, sad.

Adnam is asking for your indulgence in his uncertain rap: So give me a moment, give me a chance Give me six months to change your stance. “Christmas Type Beat” is a pasted together goose casserole. Still a bit of fun.

Buried somewhere in the electronic fun of Seen.’s “When You’re Back for Christmas” is a broken pop love song. Been 12 months since I saw you; Been 6 months since you texted me back; Is this what we’ve come to–? It does end asking for a kiss, so not quite yet defeated.

Also busted up, Liv Waters feels the cold snow brush across my face tonight; Reminds me how my heart felt 6 months ago when you left. “Ain’t Nothing Merry,” listeners. Pop puling. I mean this one will help you wallow.

Steven Curtis Chapman recounts the poverty of a family in “Christmas is All in the Heart.” After six months on the new job They’re still barely getting by… but the lesson the presentless boys learn will be passed to their country song families later. It doesn’t suck if it’s a song.

The Bilinda Butchers celebrate what matters as well with flashy girl band pop in “All My Friends,” as when they plan: This is my Christmas list Even if it’s six months ’til. You know, fun games about what probably won’t come to be.

Take six months to pay these bills, croons Charles Brown in “Christmas Comes But Once a Year.” This ragtime blues makes that allowance, as Christmas is just so wonderful otherwise. See if you agree while tapping your toe.

Mrs. Claus might disapprove, but when “Santa Writes Home” he’s an incurable romantic: Your hair is so curly and your skin is so soft , I’m gonna drop off these toys and take the next 6 months off, says his letter. Dan Sullivan told me so. In country song. Color me tickled.