Christmas Countdown: 365.

365 overflows the calendar with possibilities. But Christmas is too special to generalize.

The frustration of The Bank Cormorants over missing out on “One More Christmas Tree” during this year’s shopping results in a dixieland jazz promise to decorate that ultimate tree with 365 ornaments next year. So there!

In memoriam, Rowlette and Craig Cooney preach that next year will be a New chapter, new story, 365 pages. “December” is the time to gospel/rap the message of taking a moment to consider. Just consider.

Specialness time! This is One day out of 3-6-5, so LiCon revises “I Wish You a Merry Christmas.” with his own individuality. Rap lyricality. And slurring.

So let’s party. Jiggley Jones is wiling to set aside foolish pride for “Christmas 365.” Harmonic pop with a touch of country unites all Christmas song titles to make some point.

Let’s end with the party to end the year of parties. There’s 365 days a year Hey there Santa, are you really really there? concludes “Santa’s Rap Party.” This is rap from 1980, so it’s disco rap. Yeah. Super Jay walks you through how to set the scene, how to respond to the music, and what to put on popcorn. Ladies, watch yo’ panties.