Christmas Countdown: …365

It’s tough to have to wait the whole year for the next Christmas.

The Linedance Fever has a certain dread of “365 Days of Christmas” since it’s that long since you left and the killing and the jail time and the losing of minds. Hand clapping hillbilly folk. Yikes.

Christmas Children’s Choir has the antidote so we may 365 days a year Keep the feeling all through the year. “365 Days a Year,” a symphonic tribute, is piffle, but quite well done piffle.

More reverentially, Zo! Gospel Choir modulates adult voices for “Christmas 365.” Why doesn’t Christmas last 365 days year? they soar to the heavens. I dunno.

Ariel, Zoey, & Eli squeezebox the bebop pop to demand why must it be “365 Days ‘Til Christmas.” A year of chances results in the same disappointment every year. A book? Shampoo? C’mon! Where was the pony!?