Life After X-keep on lovin’

Maybe the love will outlast Xmas… i mean, without the mistletoe, that magic feeling could still… couldn’t it?

Start here: “Don’t Take Down the Mistletoe” recommends Misty River with haunting lady harmony in this folk sudser.

Remembering this Christmas love “Long Past Christmas Day,” Terry Wetton dwells in a mandolin riff of almost Celtic country wistfulness.

Channeling their inner Elvis, Beatnik Turtle wishes “The Morning After Christmas” to just have a little more with you. Pretend, in rocking doo wop, it isn’t over.

Ken Kondrat and Dave Uchalik figure that “After the Holidays” there’ll be more time to be a couple–even if it takes all year. Sock hop bebop.

Plunking hard on that pee-yanner, Bob Malone bemoans the afterness of Christmas in “The After Christmas Song.” But he still wishes you love and stuff. That gravelly voice makes you believe.

Hilariously awkward, “The Day After Christmas” scripts the wrong guy at the wrong time (with the wrong gift) not making a dent in love, despite his worst intentions. Pretty folk pop from Delightful Young Men.

Brad Paisley agrees. “364 Days to Go” slow waltzes the country music to maintain Christmas did it’s job. We’ll stay connected for the next year.