Life After X-rom com

When Christmas was run and done, we look back wistfully at times, and we say to ourselves… why didn’t I ask her out?! There’s always the next Christmas. That’s what George Michael says–

Thinking you look fine, Parenthetical Girls get tongue-tied with their experimental pop “Post-Christmas Time.” Love is in the punctuation.

Maybe Next Christmas” with gratuitous sax whispers the soul out of wishes. Chantal Chamberland susses out the dream.

Always Got Next Christmas” Emily Lockett swans all pop and country backbeat. Mark your calendar!

Freedom Fry counts on another year as a mother chance in “Next Christmas.” Blasé millennial pop. (You shouldn’t take such things for granted, young!)

Also living for tomorrow, Allison Young & Carson McKee wonder if “Maybe Next Christmas” they’ll make beautiful music together. Hey, guys, already done it.

Next Christmas (I’m Gonna Do Things Right)” calculates Chuck Foster with his backroom amateur folk earnest soul. He’s got a list and he’s checking it twice. Good luck, Chuck.

Blurring the gender divides, Desmond admits it’s always been you with pop swing in “Next Christmas.” Suggestive!

Winner of Closest to a Movie Script is the sprightly, off-setting “Next Christmas.” Taylor Ashton & Michael Winograd (feat. Madonna MacGyver) spill out an R+B/pop fusion of will they-won’t they seesawing.

Well, it’s already next year and the banjos tell us “This Time Next Year” is perfect. Colin & Caroline play their parts sweetly.