Life After X-love enduring

So, we missed the connection this Christmas? Was there anything at all? Should i give up now? And not wait?

Alex Goot doesn’t hold out quite as much hope for “Next Christmas Eve,” a soul/pop test of vocal chords.

Casting the possibilities among swine, Emmrose wonders whether there’s love in your soul. “Maybe Next Christmas” you’ll know. Lugubrious pop.

Just ask! Will You Still Love Me “Two Weeks After Christmas” Man Feelings want to know with retro pop coolness. Don’t know the answer, but i sure enjoyed the querying.

’50s slow-dance rock backs up The Barbary Coasters as they ask the perennial question: “Will You Still Love Me (After Christmas Break)?” Evidence will be presented, clues will be investigated, friends asked. Yet, the mystery remains.