Wait for Love’s Chance

Waiting for Xmas means time off, overeating, gifts… and having an excuse to see that one you’ve been missing all your life. Get the Hallmark outta here, musicians!

James Collins plays in low key rock ‘n’ roll with his folksy “I Just Can’t Wait ’til Christmas Time.” He’s cool, ladies, ’cause he’s found a reason for the seizin’.

Pop R+B overplays the love story Sheléa woo-oohs about missing you while she “Don’t Wanna Wait ’til Christmas.” ‘Nuff said.

Stretching the limits of easy listening, soul lisping Mario J Brown sexies up the possibilities of what he “Can’t Wait for Christmas” for. Here he comes serenading with sultry snares of sensuality. You better watch out.

Empty pop spouts whole out of Erick Nathan (ooh, then there’s scatting doowop! And dance moves!) in “Can’t Wait for Christmas.” Bouncy, but i’m not exactly won over.

The woman-rock of Denae Joy is assured and folk strong. “I Just Don’t Think that I can (Wait for Christmas)” is bluegrass country with vocals ranging into a yodel. That’s good enough for me, i’m in love.