Wait for the Cool

I’m susceptible to cool jazz, R+B soul–the sort of aww shucks that Black culture can inject into a silly season. As an outsider, natch, but an outside avid listener. Can you hear what i hear?

J Fresh gets the electric worm out of his synthy sexiness. “Can’t Wait Until Christmas” is a mess of R+B playfulness, but from a lounging posture.

Also synthesizing the bejeepers out of R+B, Desmond Dennis dance-conjures the scene with “Can’t Wait for Christmas.” Seductive, and party friendly.

RuPaul interrupts the mellow with a gospel-soul take down of traditional values. “I Just Can’t Wait (‘Til Christmas)” is a sing-along about how Xmas makes us all one (just not the one you expected). Yowza.

Electro-pop crowds the soul of Honey Doll’s “I Can’t Wait for Christmas.” Hokey smoke, that’s cute. The girls’re after you, Santa. Hee hee.

Aloe Blacc’s fulla funk with his near-disco “I Can’t Wait for Christmas.” Furzz up those speakers! Let the beat drop! ‘Sime talkin’ ’bout.